The V’Spirit Premier Cruise

The eternal grandeur of Vietnam’s Halong Bay unfurls from the wooden decks of the V’Spirit Premier Cruise, where every corner turned is a new angle on the purest artwork. We are a new luxury cruise in Halong Bay a poetic marriage of tradition and environment in the northeastern corner of our Vietnamese homeland. Built of the finest materials countrywide, The V’Spirit Premier Cruise is the essence of Vietnam, embodied in burnished wood and billowing sails, manifested by a cruise as steeped in tradition as it is in innovation.

In Halong Bay, the V’Spirit Premier Cruise takes the route less travelled, bestowing to you a chance to step back in time and see the bay before the dawn of tourism. We find this in Lan Ha Bay, the southern section of Halong Bay and an indistinguishable limestone copy of its more famous neighbour. Here, the voice of the wild speaks louder than the roar of the engine, where statuesque mountains, evocative caverns and jungle-clad islands comprise nature’s silent masterpiece.

The V’Spirit Premier Cruise is a luxury Halong Bay cruise through Heaven on Earth. Explore more with us today.


Tradition and modernity find the perfect marriage on the V’Spirit Premium. Our ship is presented beautifully across fine wooden decks and exquisite canvas sails, featuring a luxurious comfort that ensures a highly relaxing passage through Halong Bay.


Responsible tourism is a distinct passion of the V’Spirit Team. Through proper recycling, energy efficiency and regular clean-up events, the essence of Green Spirit fights for the future of a healthy Halong Bay.


V’Spirit always puts the customer first, as we believe that everyone should be able to get a taste of the emerald paradise through which we cruise. We run regular special offers designed to bring the majesty of Halong Bay, as well as the elegance of V’Spirit, closer to passengers of every budget.




Absolument magique si vous choisissez le bon bateau et la bonne agence

Paysage magique, temps idyllique et un bateau parfait avec un équipage super sympa de quatre personnes. Tout est fait pour vivre un moment hors du temps à travers les paysages karstiques. Les repas sur le bateau délicieux et superbement présentés. Plusieurs visites en 2 jours, village de pêcheur, kayak de mer, baignade

LEllis2009, France Nov 10, 2018

Fantastic trip to Halong Bay!

First of all, we really enjoyed this trip.There were very unique experiences such as Kayaking, climbing and swimming etc. And the finest thing was the food!!so delicious. Our crews and managers were so kind and helpful. Fantastic trip i've ever had.

Melksham, United Kingdom Nov 10, 2018

Nice cruise with Vietnamese decoration

There are a lot of cruises in Ha Long Bay with same itinerary and excellent crews. But if you want to enjoy in Local way, plz take this cruise with traditional design and enjoy dinner on the Top deck( one of special things that you cannot find in another one ) . It is suitable for persons who would like to save a budget but still enjoy the trip in specific way.

Highly recommend and should book tour before few days . Sometimes it is fully booked.

The classic traveller Brisbane, Australia Nov 10, 2018