• Kayaking


    Halong Bay’s shimmering surface presents the perfect emerald sheet of ocean for kayaking. This is one of the most profound things to do in Halong Bay and one that usually forms the most amazing of memories from the beauty it displays. Looking up to the peaks of tree-topped mountains while gliding serenely across their bases, dancing through the fluttering shadows of trees around lagoons, docking in coves to explore uncombed shorelines; each is an experience of unbelievable appeal to our passen...

  • Cooking Class

    Cooking Class

    One of the most engaging windows into Vietnamese food culture is opened during our cooking class, where passengers are given the opportunity to cook like a local by preparing Vietnamese spring rolls from items provided. Along with the food, passengers will get a taste of Vietnamese tradition, where food preparation is a loving and communal affair between family members and friends.The classes are led by our professional chef, who will explain the process bit-by-bit before our passengers step up ...

  • Tai Chi Demonstration

    Tai Chi Demonstration

    On a holiday full of memorable moments, tai chi sessions at sunrise certainly have the potential to take the top spot. All of the elements come together during this experience: the graceful movement and controlled breathing of bodies in unison, the accompanying sounds of the bay’s wavering sea, and the views of sunrise filtering through mountains’ crown of trees. It’s a picture of Lan Ha Bay that many passengers hold for an eternity.All sessions are simple and suitable for all passengers o...

  • Treat yourself with some spa

    Treat yourself with some spa

    Cruising Halong Bay is all about taking time out to recharge your batteries in a beautiful environment. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with a spa treatment or two — after all, it’s not every day you can be pampered in Halong Bay.

  • Get up close with locals

    Get up close with locals

    Halong Bay has a rich cultural history and is still populated with indigenous people living in the area. As part of your cruise, you will see local people going about their daily lives, and you may even interact with them on an excursions or as they pass by.

  • Bamboo Boat

    Bamboo Boat

    Bright Cave is an incredible piece of this World Heritage site and is said to be one of the best places to go to for kayaking, swimming or photography. In a Lan Ha Bay, you will enjoy a special trip on a locally operated bamboo boat cruising to Bright Cave, where you will enter an angled passageway tothe cave at the water level. Besides the lovely passage is a serene round lake encompassed by lush trees and very high, natural stone walls resembling a stadium surrounded by a high platform....

  • Viet Hai Village

    Viet Hai Village

    Viet Hai fishing village is located approximately 18 kilometers from Cat Ba Island, bordered by high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city. Just a few years ago, this village was absolutely secluded from the outside world with around 80 households maintaining their self-supply life as the ancient humans. Recently, being attracted by the primitive environment, more and more tourists come to enjoy the simple lifestyle of the locals and ex...