Green Spirit in Motion – The V’Spirit Premier Cruise Office

For us at the V’Spirit Premier Cruise team, we believe that everything good that you want to project starts at home. We have a strong desire to see the continued health of Halong Bay for many, many more years to come and are taking any steps possible to make that happen. As part of our Green Spirit initiative to see that dream realised, we decided to take a look at our office to see what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint further.

We are lucky to have an excellent team who have a shared commitment to Halong Bay and the overall environment of our planet. Everyone working for the V’Spirit Premier Cruise will continue to do what they can to address the global crisis for the next generation.

Energy Consumption

Our team knows that in any office, electricity consumption leaves the biggest carbon footprint out of all possible consumptions. We have made sure to implement several rules in the office, including turning off equipment not in use and using the fan and air-conditioner sparingly. As well as this, everywhere in our office is fitted with energy-efficient light bulbs, meaning unavoidable emissions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Paper Consumption

There is still a while to go until the V’Spirit Premier Cruise can consider itself truly ‘paperless’, but our policy so far certainly minimises paper use to a degree that we can be proud of. Printing unnecessary documents is always discouraged and we have provided our staff with several electronic alternatives. Some printing is of course, unavoidable, but we always make sure to print on duplex mode for double-sided material, followed by a recycling of the paper afterwards.

Water consumption

Water consumption at the V’Spirit Premier Cruise office is something that we are working hard on, as this is a problem that may offices operating in daylight hours will know all-too-well. Big advancements are still yet to be made in technology for water consumption, but we are doing what we can with small changes in our building and in our staff’s attitudes. We are very quick at identifying leaks in the office and once one is reported, will call someone urgently to fix them. We clean our office less often, saving water used for mopping and scrubbing, and staff are also encouraged to use less water while washing their hands and boiling the kettle to lessen our consumption. Any water that we use in the canteen will be recycled for the plants in our garden. 


Paper and water are just two of the materials that we make a conscious effort to recycle at the V’Spirit Premier Cruise office. Along with these, we have specially marked boxes for glass, tin and plastics and make sure that each material is going to the right destination for recycling. To further save on energy as well as costs, we also make a point to up-cycle some items such as cups and boxes into pencil holders, filing cabinets and anything else that our creative team can think of!