The Route

With luxury shuttle bus transportation between Hanoi and Got Harbour, our departure port, you can be sure of a transit that is almost as smooth as your cruise. Our route takes almost half the length of time as the route from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Harbour, the port providing access to the main body of Halong Bay, meaning that more of your time is spent cruising rather than on the road.

Our 1.5 to 2-hour journey takes us through the exquisite Red River Delta, northern Vietnam’s oldest region and an abundant stretch of rice paddies and fruit orchards. We make a stop at a modern rest stop along the way for free use of their clean toilets and a browsing of the various foods and drinks available.

The Bus

The luxury of the V’Spirit Premier Cruise extends to the Fuso D’Car Limousine, your transportation to paradise. The bus has a wealth of comfortable arrangements and lavish extras, starting foremost with just 15 individual seats with double arm rests and highly cushioned backrests and headrests. Our seats offer plenty of space and leg room, with lumbar support for the most comfortable of rides.

The technological appeal of the bus can found in its modern air-conditioning system, high-class speaker system and individual USB chargers built into the seats. Magazine pockets and cup-holders are placed alongside, and safety is properly observed with sturdy seatbelts across all chairs.

The V’Spirit Premier Cruise also offers private transfers for small groups or airport pick-ups for new arrivals to Hanoi. Prices vary so please contact us to enquire into either of these services.