We Sail through Parts Unknown

There is still tranquility to be found in Halong Bay, and the V’Spirit Premier Cruise knows exactly how to get there. This is one of the few luxury cruises in Halong Bay taking in the grandeur from its most flattering angle, Lan Ha Bay, an area where hushed elegance takes centre stage. Lan Ha bay is situated in the southern regions of Halong Bay and presents its tropical splendour to a much diminished audience of tourists, meaning that tourists who do make the trip are treated to a bay time-frozen in a prehistoric era. Limestone columns stand silently amid a lapping jade ocean, reflecting the green of exotic foliage jutting from the fringes of sandy shores. This perfect scene lies even closer to Hanoi than the main body of Halong Bay, meaning our passengers can enjoy less time on the road and more time answering the whisper of Lan Ha.

We Carry the Spirit of Vietnam

The traditional wood and fluid canvas sails of the V’Spirit Premier Cruise are the perfect representation of our Vietnamese heritage. Our luxury Halong Bay cruise ship echoes the proud legacy of Halong Bay, with natural materials and a deeply traditional and oriental design, found across burnished wooden decks and elegant brown sails catching the wind. You can find the spirit of Vietnam anywhere on the V’Spirit Premier Cruise, but most profoundly in the welcoming demeanour of our staff, who convey classical Vietnamese hospitality in all of its glory. From smiles down to traditional dress, our staff complete your luxury Halong Bay cruise with exceptional service to you and a reverential nod to our beloved homeland.

You Experience Our Experience

To book with the V’Spirit Premier Cruise is to subscribe to a company with over 10 years of experience in Halong Bay across a range of different cruises. The culmination of our passion in Halong Bay is evident in the V’Spirit Premier Cruise, a collective tour de force of exquisite design, flawless itinerary and exclusive features born from our passengers’ feedback. This is very much a people’s cruise, operating on the advice of our customers and arranged by a highly renowned and highly respected tour operator in Halong Bay.

We are Luxury with a Local Heart 

On the V’Spirit Premier Cruise, we feel a great level of responsibility for the health of Halong Bay and its long-term residents. Some of the residents of fishing villages around the region have called the bay their home for the last 7,000 years – an incredible amount of time that has seen a deep-rooted and totally unique culture bloom forth. Halong Bay’s locals are irrevocably tied to its natural seascape, and amid growing pressures on their unique way of life, the V’Spirit Premier Cruise wants to quell the tide. We are one of the first luxury Halong Bay cruises to work on a personal level with our brothers and sisters of the bay, offering attractive employment and engaging in restorative projects in order to keep Halong Bay’s residents, metaphorically and physically, afloat. This is an experience that trickles down to our customers, who can enjoy the most authentic of cruises with the people who know the bay far more intimately than anyone else.